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Criminology B.S.

The faculty of the Department of Criminology are committed to provide quality instruction to undergraduate and graduate students on subjects that fall within the scope of the discipline, conduct research that contributes to the body of knowledge in criminology and criminal justice, and engage in service that allows practical application of our knowledge and skills. In conjunction with the goals of the University of West Georgia, the College, and the Department of Criminology, our program is based on the philosophy of a liberal arts education and grounded in social science methodologies. The focus for undergraduate students is to achieve mastery of basic academic competencies and basic level of expertise in the field of criminology/criminal justice. The Graduate Program promotes a more critical examination of criminal justice/criminology issues, as well as enhancing analytical and communication skills. Faculty seek opportunities to involve students in a range of professional activities to facilitate their entry into the job market or further educational pursuits.

Program Description

The Criminology program at the University of West Georgia is located in the Department of Criminology. The program is widely conceived to not only include the study of crime and society's reaction to crime but also the areas of crime and justice that traditionally make up the disciplines of criminology and legal studies. The faculty members who specialize in Criminology represent broad and varied backgrounds in working with the criminal justice system, dealing with offenders and victims, and conducting research on a wide range of criminal justice issues. To download and view an updated (effective Fall 2011) Program Sheet for the B.S. in Criminology, please click HERE. To download and view a copy of our Core Curriculum requirements for Criminology, please click HERE.

Declaration Requirements

To be admitted into the B.S. program in Criminology, students must be admitted to the university and be in good standing. To graduate with a degree from this program, students must receive a grade of "C" or better in CRIM 3240, CRIM 4000, CRIM 4003 and CRIM 4284.

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Learning Outcomes

Minor in Criminology

Complete 15 hours including CRIM 1100 and four upper division Criminology courses.

Honor Society

For students who wish to get involved, we currently host the Chi Omega Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma (the National Criminal Justice Honor Society).

Professional Organizations

There are many professional Criminology organizations at the regional and national level. For more information on those, please click HERE.